Are you just like me a Canadian Entrepreneur?

Looking for doing business in Costa Rica? Let me tell you my story.

I’m Ethan Cote a software engineer graduated from Ontario Tech University who started working as a developer for ZARZA from the early 2000s.

As a software developer I love to innovate and look for new opportunities around the world. That's why when I heard ZARZA had a new project for ebills in Costa Rica I went and asked my boss Mrs. Roxanne Lacewell to include me as part of the developing team.

That’s how my contact with Costa Rica started and I quickly noticed that in Costa Rica there are many opportunities for Internet business that can be easily handled from Canada.

As we advanced with the project “FACTURATica” (which by the way is the 1st electronic bill system in Costa Rica), I decided to start by my own online store. I started selling cell phones and other electronic gadgets for Costa Ricans using our ebills software. This was definitively a wise decision since nowadays I’m getting more from my business in Costa Rica that I never thought I would.

Currently, I’m still part of the software engineers of ZARZA and I love developing new cool features for FACTURATica every week and I’m proud that I’ve started my own business in Costa Rica.

This post is to motivate you to do the same; if you have a business or you want to do business in Costa Rica don’t look further and use services to give your customers ebills with a strong brand support that will make your sales boost.

I would love to personally help you with your business in Costa Rica and if you want to start with the right foot, start using ZARZA services.

Best regards.,

Ethan Cote

Software Engineer by ZARZA